Okay, it is just a start, my web site is up and running. I didn’t realize how much stuff I had. First I needed to sort all of my work and catalog it (something I always put off for later, but now I realize I need to do it every week) , Then I had to sort out my work by medium. Then I had to sit and build the site (I hate doing that). So I just kept it basic and simple. It is about the artwork and not the site design. Then I had to make sure it can run on several browsers. This is the hardest part since it is on my own server, I have to take my laptop to a place that has wifi so that I can view it, as I discovered that you can’t see the website when you are running it on your own network (I am not that technical but something like that) Now I just have to discipline myself to update it on a regular basis. So go to www.ajgrossman.com and thanks for looking.