as usual, I cannot focus and the nothing gets done. I go from drawing/sketching, to my encaustics to my quilting to the computer and then at the end of the week I get nothing finished. I guess I have art ADD.

So I decided to create a process for myself. I am going to create a series- sketch+sew+ paint. Originally I was going to call it Paint & Stitch (just may still call it that) but this way I can sketch out the painting, then I am going to sew it (probably needlepoint or embroidery, maybe quilting of some sort????) and then I am going to paint it (not sure it it will be in encaustic or acrylic)

I actually love to sew and as a child my mom taught me needlepoint and embroidery; I find it the most relaxing thing in the world. I have been know to needlepoint an entire square in one color.  Since my blood pressure has been going up again, I think it would be therapeutic and better then taking the meds.

I also needed a way to get out of the house, so the sketching and sewing part can be done at the coffee shop and the painting can be in the studio.

If this doesn’t fix my focus, I am not sure what will.