The local art guild had a call for artists for abstractions.  So I had worked on a small piece (8×10) and entered it. Of course, my husband always thinks that to show your work it has to be BIG. So as usual we had a LOUD discussion of which piece to enter. (just for the record, I didn’t ask him which piece, I picked one and he pointed to another in the studio and said how about that one the rest is the LOUD discussion) I always tell him that art is about content and not size. I remember in school, I would be so angry at the kid who asked the teacher after giving a writing assignment would have to ask how many words does it need to be. I always felt that I had to work at that persons standard and not my own.  I was always of the belief that it is about content and not how long the essay is. Same for me about art. My instinct told me to select and enter the small piece and I did. I won a judges recognition for my piece. I was so happy.  I am more proud of this piece because it is representative of my art style and also because the Juror mailed me a letter thanking me for entering with his critique. The last exhibit I won 3rd place and money, but the letter from the juror meant so much more.  This work is on display until Oct 4th at  Art Expressions Gallery, 1438 NE 26th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33305