In 2008, I started on Etsy shop with all intension of listing some of my small artwork. I had it on my schedule to do, but over the years, I would sell my small pieces at local fairs. So my Etsy shop has sat idol all this time. I am surprised I even remembered my login and password.

But today I decided to post some items. The hardest part was photographing my work. I minored in photography in college (when point and shoot did not exist, nor digital) but it was never an art medium I was able to fathom. The F-stops still confuse me, I understand the whole principle about it, but somehow get brain freeze when I try to think about what I am suppose to do. I think it is because I hate getting my picture taken (until recently) so my fear of getting my picture taking, I believe, has influenced my inability to take a photo.

I recently acquired a Canon Rebel and took lessons. I can manage with the manual setting, but white balance and lighting, still gets to me. I own a Canon SD 1000 point and shoot, but misplaced the battery charger- so that camera sits idol. I still have an instamtic camera that has film in it (it was from a trip 10 years ago) but I heard that you can’t get it developed.

The only pictures I take are with my iphone and those are so bad, that I hardly post them (how does one get a great shot on an iphone???? please tell me the secret

I spent the day building a light box (as per many blogs on etsy about it) but still could not manage a properly lit photo.  I am sure it will come with time (and I need to purchase a lamp) But at least I posted 2 items in my shop.

At least I can say I finished a project that I started which to me is more important then actually selling something.

Oh, but I was able to make a shop header in Photoshop, so I can use that program no problem, just can’t take a photo to put in the program.