tea-bags-1.jpgthis is a piece that I did a few months ago at the Ghost Ranch in Abiqui, NM. I drink so much tea, that I was looking for unique papers to embed in my image and used the tea bags. The photo doesn’t pick up the unique patterns on the tea bag papers. Since, I was a graphic artists, I tend to work very organized and it is very hard for me to work in a loose structure(I am working on that) so the rectangular shape of the tea bag along with the rectangular shape of the base wood, made it much easier for me to make this composition. I am told that I think to much when I work, but old habits die hard. I wish I could be more “free” when working. I can when I am drawing and doodling, but when it comes to layout I just get caught up with all the rules of balance and symmetry. My type A personality works against me.