OrdnanceI have been very disturbed about the gun violence in America. So much so that I decided to paint about it. At first I wanted to make an installation. A large grouping of trees, each representing a country and hanging from the branches would be a hanging something (of what I, do not know) to show the people of America how we have so many people die for no other reason than from a gun. But I realized that I did not have the resources to execute such a large project. But I have been going through the data on the amount of deaths by guns in the USA. Many of the deaths are suicide. Which I was shocked at the large number of those who use a gun to commit suicide. I wondered if those who did not have access to a gun would have still taken their own life or was the access to a gun enticed them to end their life. But I really want to show visually how many people die because of a gun. I truly believe that stronger gun control would lead to fewer deaths.

So today in the studio I started to work on the series. Not sure what to call the series. I am sure a name will come to me.

Image: Ordnance #3 ¬†Wax on Panel 7″ x 5″