Okay, back at a stand still with me art. I left corporate America and told my “hub” that I need to work on my art. Of course he was not to happy. But I also went back to school to get my esthetician license so I can own a spa. (or something that is relaxing) I was going to do massage therapist, but it would be to hard on my body. But since I was a make-up artist and I love to have a brush in my hand, I decided that if I had my license I could work for myself and not work crazy retail hours. Build a client base and then be able to have income and time for art. So it is week 3 of school and only 6 more to go. Now I have a “normal” life and get home at 4pm so I can work on my art.

But now I am stuck- I start something and then get distracted. Or I come home early and then just veg out in front on the Tv or computer.  I had a studio practice years ago and I just can’t find the focus. 

So I have been trying to “doodle” again and trying to get in the “groove”

So my artists friends out there, HOW DO YOU GET OUT OF A RUT!!!