Yes, I am still an artist, but I left the world of being a retail executive to go the non-profit world.  About a 1 1/2 years ago  I was starting to feel that I needed to belong to something that had some social redeeming quality to it. I was getting tired of hearing people complain about how bad the economy was and how much money they lost, but could still drop $2,000 on an Armani jacket. How bad could their life really be? So I joined the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale. I was probably one of the older,”new girls” in the group. My first year was great and I actually won “provisional of the year” for exceeding all the first year requirements. That same year, I won every award at my company. The Jr. League award meant so much more. Because my volunteer hours and fundraising helped people. I knew that this was what I wanted to do. So the Susan B Anthony Recovery Center is a Jr. League Legacy project and a friend told me to come and volunteer there, so I did. I knew it was the place that I wanted to be. So one month ago, I walked out of my executive life and decided I would just do more volunteer work at the center and do some art and figure it out. But to my good luck the center hired me as a consultant the same week I left my retail position and I am know in  the Development Director position. My job goal is to raise $8m dollars!!!!!! This center is a recovery center for women that allows the children to stay with them,so the children stay out of foster care. It is the only center of its kind. Go to to find out more.  And we need donations of art supplies for our art therapy room, so all my fellow artist out there help>>>>