In my past life I was a 7th avenue fashion designer. Yes, I know, a business that has no social redeeming qualities. Well I made affordable clothing for the masses (most of the time)  But now I work in beauty  as a skincare specialist (even though I do believe that superficial or outer beauty does help bring out inner beauty)  But I digress. I am not superficial, I just enjoy fashion/makeup and all that stuff- but it doesn’t rule my life.

I spend my leisure time going through fashion magazines looking at all that is happening. I grew up in the fashion business and I still have a passion for it. What has been bothering me is the advertisements that show very young models selling anti-aging creams or models that are on record stating that they use Botox, as the model for an anti-aging cream. But I also think that many of the copy in the ads are just meaningless words. I actually look at the photo first and then read the copy. So I decided to read the copy and edit the copy to have another meaning. This is not about bashing the business, it is just to see it with another message. I guess it goes with my view that sometimes if you cannot change something, change the way you look at it.

your ambitions

This is an article about Stand By Your Man, the highlighted words are “your ambitions”