I had been wanting to use a propane torch to fuse my work, so today I went to home depot and $25 poorer I now own a blow torch.  I let it sit in the package all day, as I have to admit, I am a bit afraid of the thing.  Two days ago a house in my community had a fire (no one was hurt) and when I was 14 yrs. old the gas grill at my house singed my hair/eyebrows and lashes (my brother went to light it but I guess there must have been fumes so it made a big fire ball when he lit the grill) and then 2 weeks later I caught my sleeve on the stove and it caught on fire (I grew up in a house with an industrial range before they were in vogue that had huge gas jets) I now only have electric in my house, stove oven and all. So this Torch is a huge leap for me considering my bad experiences with fire.

So I went outside on my patio, with a fire extinguisher, removed any items that looked flammable, locked the dog inside and after many attempts finally got the torch ignited. I took a few sample of boards that I prepped outside to test. One panel caught on fire because I had some paper that was stuck in the wax so it flamed up, the others went okay, the problem being- I could not see the flame.  A few more attempts and then I decided back to the heat gun. Since my studio is in my den; I can’t use the torch inside. I can see the practical use if I was working on a very large surface as the flame fuses fast and even. But for right now I will stick with my heat gun

Any one have an suggestions on the torch let me know as I am sure with practice I can get the hang of it and not hurt myself or anyone.