Just got my new laptop. Didn’t realize that 5 years worth of information is on that thing. I do most of my artwork on my desktop, but as I become more mobile, I put older versions of Illustrator and Photoshop on my laptop (older versions because it had limited RAM and also the older Adobe software could be put on multiple computers and was more of an honor system. The new software knows what computer it is on) so now I have a bit of housekeeping to do.  So know I have this new item- Windows Live Writer that will allow me to write my blog posts without having to go to wordpress. Don’t know what the advantage is, but I love new products and need to check it out. Lately I have been trying out new products (Tumblr, Dlvr.it, etc…) but I have been getting overloaded and staying with what I have been using. As much as I love new technology and change, I maybe getting old and set in my ways. The more new products that are out there, the more I find myself going back to basics.  I even started drawing out my own fonts and scanning them in to trace. But let’s see how this Windows Live Writer works. It may be something new I can use on my new computer.