All set for Monserrat this weekend and I have signed up for Shawna Moore’s art workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The workshop will be at the Art Association of Jackson Hole.  The class needs 8 students all paid up and confirmed.As of June 1st, they have only 6 artists paid and 2 with reservations. My concern is that I have non-refundable airline tickets and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the last 2 artists confirm their reservations. They will not host the workshop with less than 8 students. Since I am traveling from South Florida I needed to book my flight early as there are no direct flights to Jackson Hole from South Florida and flights fill up quickly. So if anyone is interested, please check out Shawna website at (she has a link to the Jackson Hole site) or I am keeeping my fingers crossed that this workshop is a go.