I get bored very easily with my work. I start a piece, thinking it would become a series and then I complete one piece and decide I don’t want to do another in the series. Or I start the second piece and it just is not like the first piece. I think I just fall in love with the first piece and that is that. So I thought back in my art career and the only time that I never got tired of similar techniques is when I work in shapes or collage type pieces. So I thought to combine 2 things, collage of shapes, with transfers of solid color from magazines.

As a former “fashion” person I still get every fashion and decor magazine to my house. I love them. My husband says that I would never be alone, as long as they keep publishing Vogue. I love my rainy days with my big cup of coffee and my fashion mags. Sorry but once a fashion girl, always a fashion girl. So I have tons of media to work with.

I teach encaustics and always demo transfers to the students, but I never loved it. Part is that I don’t like using anothers image in my work. But transfering color from the magazine is almost like when I did the citrasolve on the magazine paper.

So here is the start of it. Just cutting shapes of color and seeing how to apply it. So far so good. May not lead to anything, but this is sure great for my OCD.