New Year (sort of) and new ideas

It has been too long since my last post. So much has been going on. You know life just gets in the way. Even though I am self employed, people do not realize all that it takes. So sometimes the studio and art making just does not happen. But the Jewish New Year landed...

What is a Hashtag?

So we all know what it is, well most of us do. To get a list of hashtags for the artist, sign up for my newsletter.

What is Art. Post. Promote?

For many years I was a marketing manager. I was very good at it. It was before social media. Some times I was called brand manager or art director. Each company had a different title, but basically all the same. How to engage people is basically what I did.

How to Watermark your Photos

With so many artist using social media, there have been instances of individuals copying and using your images. As much as I do not want a watermark on all my work, I think as artists we all need to protect what is ours. So here is a video I made to show how I apply a watermark to my work.

How to use Instagram as your photo inspiration storage

I have found that I am always having trouble locating photos that I take with my phone and can never find them again. So I now use Instagram as a tool to help me keep my files organized also not have to worry about running out of storage. I just snap a photo in Instagram and I just make a hashtag for it. Yep, that is so easy.