What is a Hashtag?

So we all know what it is, well most of us do. To get a list of hashtags for the artist, sign up for my newsletter.

What is Art. Post. Promote?

For many years I was a marketing manager. I was very good at it. It was before social media. Some times I was called brand manager or art director. Each company had a different title, but basically all the same. How to engage people is basically what I did.

How to Watermark your Photos

With so many artist using social media, there have been instances of individuals copying and using your images. As much as I do not want a watermark on all my work, I think as artists we all need to protect what is ours. So here is a video I made to show how I apply a watermark to my work.

How to use Instagram as your photo inspiration storage

I have found that I am always having trouble locating photos that I take with my phone and can never find them again. So I now use Instagram as a tool to help me keep my files organized also not have to worry about running out of storage. I just snap a photo in Instagram and I just make a hashtag for it. Yep, that is so easy.

Make a Color Wheel

When artists start out with encaustic, the first comment is “How many colors do I buy and the paint is so costly?” What everyone fails to remember is that color theory and mixing still applies. When the wax medium is melted it is in a liquid form. Just like any other painting medium.

My first “RED” dot in my home town

I was hesitant to enter anymore local art shows. But I was working in the studio and was really at a cross roads. I had 3 ideas but was not sure which way to go.  So when I saw the call to artists for the 12 x 12 show at Artserve in Fort Lauderdale, I decided to...