I finally attended the Gallery Walk in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. First, I felt so old. This being Miami, I forgot that I most of the girls wear a shirt as a mini-dress, and all the art “kids” are 20 years old, in black skinny jeans and tee’s and all need a bath. I guess when I was that age, I looked the same. As a grown women, the parent instinct takes over.

The artwalk was unique. The crowd that attends the Miami Design District a few blocks north is usually more “latin” and older. This crowd was more american and very young.
My favorite galley is that of A. Dale Nally who lives and works in his studio. His living work space is beautiful. He was a pioneer 10 years ago when he opened in the area. My dream would be to live in a space like his, but I would not have room for the husband, the dogs and the cars, and the big screen tv. So I took pictures of his living space and will ask my husband if I can redecorate the living room. I will keep you posted if I get him to agree.

Artformz was the first gallery that I walked into and they had a performance artists in the front of a girl mixing cookie dough. I still never fully understand performance art. The gallery had an assortment of all small pieces, all at various prices.
I always wonder when, do they all sell the work? I am always thinking as a business person and trying to figure out the business model. The prices from one studio to the other are extreme, as well as the audience that they are seeking. I would imagine that the galleries make their income with private collectors.
But overall, it is nice to know that the art scene in Miami is growing and continuing to expand.