Well I took a few months off to work on my art. But I was not getting as much art completed at home, because my husband was always giving me a project.  It was either for his business, or it was for picking up after him all day long.  So I went back to work as a make-up artist.  I actually went back to retail (yes during the holiday season, I must have a death wish) but I wanted to get training so I can do freelance make-up work.

South Florida is a destination wedding location and I know plenty of mediocre make-up artists that find work. I was a NYC fashion stylist and MAC trained back in the day. I have to say I got my skills back pretty fast.  I wanted to go back to work as long as it was creative. A brush is a brush. It doesn’t matter if I am painting on a face or a canvas. It is being creative.

The best part is all the free skincare samples that I now get. My wrinkles are fading, which is a good job perk.

So if you want your make-up done for New Year’s give me a call.